• Selecting a coffin or a casket is one of the more significant decisions you can make when organising the funeral for your loved one.
    When selecting a casket or coffin, it is often helpful to think about the following considerations:

    • The colour, shape and design of the coffin or casket
    • Traditional or contemporary
    • Religious or cultural requirements
    • The expressed wishes of the deceased
    • Considerations relating to environment or budget
    • We can provide a complimentary range of fittings appropriate for your beliefs (such as a rose or crucifix).

    Australian Pensioner Funerals have a vast range of styles to suit your budget and personal requirements. Additionally, we provide personalised and Eco-friendly options. 

    See Coffin & Casket Range

  • Celebrate your loved one's life and preserve their memory, with a beautiful urn or memoriam jewellery piece.

    We have a large range of urns design to suit any financial, spiritual, or personal needs.

    We also have a range of beautiful keepsake, cremation jewellery pieces, so that you can keep your loved one with you, always. 

    Click the button below to see our full range of urns & memoriam jewellery, or call us on (03) 9419 0004.

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  • Funeral Stationery and Memorial Keepsakes

    At Australian Pensioner Funerals, we are able to produce a range of personalised professionally designed memorial stationery to suit your needs, both for funeral services and as special keepsakes.

    Some of the products that we produce include:

    • Order of Service Booklets
    • Thank You Cards
    • Memorial Bookmarks
    • Keepsake Memorial Books
    • Photo Presentation DVDs

    Click the link to go to the Honouring Lives website to view some samples.

    • Floral tributes are a beautiful way to personalise your loved one’s funeral service and celebrate their life.

      At Australian Pensioner Funerals, we supply a full range of beautiful traditional and modern floral arrangements at an affordable price.

      Please click the button below to see our range, or contact us anytime on (03) 9419 0004 for more information.

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